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August 14, 2012
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My Fursona - Ryan by IntoTheCaramelFrappe My Fursona - Ryan by IntoTheCaramelFrappe
Haha no worries fellow furs, this guy will never be able to replace Batman. But besides the clever title, I drew my own fursona which has taken me literally FOREVER to draw. Literally I poured 2 weeks to no end into this character. The drawing wasn't to challenging, but to colorize and add as much detail as I can... yeah that was hard for me because I simply just love to draw.

Now, here is information about my character in case anyone is interested.

Name: Ryan Matthew
Specie: Spotted Bat
Weight: 154 pounds
Height: 5.9
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: United States of America
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (isn't against affection with males though)
Occupation: Socializing and supporting others
Favorite Color: Dark Purple
Favorite Food: Buffalo Sandwich
Favorite Music: Immediate
Major: Art (specifically drawing)

Powers: .. He can fly? Basically not a superhuman or anything special, he's just a bat furry. Well, if you consider hanging upside down an athletic power then there you go!

Personality: The dude has a heart of gold ... which he can easily be naive or easy to take advantage of because of it. Loves to help others mainly due to wanting everyone happy, along the lines that he appreciates what he has like talent in art, being alright looking, attending college, ect. Not to mention the guy is sensitive, yet he knows when not to be stomped on. Loves art and compliments every picture he possibly can being as positive about it as he can. Oh and not to mention a romantic.. he wants to find love and not really into sexuality but knows how it's basically like.

*Note: Please be honest when you comment on my art even if it's pointing out the flaws- I appreciate honesty over flattery. Thank you truly.*
It's pretty darn ugly, but who cares - one could say YOU'RE AS BLIND AS A BAT
You look like a 6th gen form of a zubat.
IntoTheCaramelFrappe Aug 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Lol priceless- ah need to work out my design more then.
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